How To Create Virtual Machine on Azure

How to Create Azure Virtual Machine

  • First Log in to the Azure portal(
  • Click the New button on Top Left Navigation.
  • Select Compute, and then select Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.
  • If you want to install other operating systems Like UBUNTU or RedHat. select which OS you Need to install.
  • Enter the virtual machine information, Like Username, Password and VM Disk Type, Location.
  •  Then Select The (Pricing Tier)Virtual Machine Configuration, Which is suitable for your need.
  • Then click on Create. it will start Deploying Virtual Machine.
  • After Successful creation, Goto Left Navigation Point to VirtualMachines.
  • select virtual Machine which you have created.
  • Then click on Connect.
  • once click on connect RDP File will be download.
  • Open it and connect with password, which you have give while creating Virtual Machine.

    That's it .

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