AWS EC2 Virtual Machine Creation

Amazon Web Services EC2 Virtual Machine Creation

  1.  First Login in to AWS Account
  2. Go to Services Tab on top Left,and Select EC2.
  3. Select Instance from Left Navigation bar
  4.  Click Lunch Instances, it shows available Operating System, select Operating system which you want to install.
  5. Then Select The VM Configuration Like RAM,Memory.
  6. Next Check all the Details Of VM Configuration.
  7. After that Click On LUNCH.
  8. select Create new Pair Key,
  9. A download the .Pem File(Password).
  10. It will start Deploying the Instance.
  11. Wait for 5min once instance show as running.
  12. Click On Connect, one RDP file will download.
  13. Click on RDP file, For password Goto AWS Dashboad, In EC2 Instances click on Connect.
  14. Then Click on Get Password, and select .pem file which you have downloaded on 9 step.
  15. Click on Decrypt Password, it will show some password and username.
  16. Copy and Paste it and Connect, later you can change the password after login into OS.
That's It.

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